Big Church Festival


Imagine your new home for the weekend sitting and waiting there for you on arrival. Designed to make your festival trip that bit easier, just book in advance and turn up to a pre-pitched tent ready and waiting! Less time googling youtube videos on how to put the tent up, and more time having fun with family + friends! All you have to do is unpack your bits and bobs and you can put your feet up!

Please note you will need to buy an event ticket per person separately, but you do not need to purchase a camping ticket if you have bought a Rent-A-Tent ticket.





This is a tent only package, pre-pitched and waiting for your arrival!

You will need to bring: Your own airbed, Sleeping Bag and Pillows.


  • 2 Person – £235
  • 3 Person – £295
  • 4 Person – £355


Tent + Single Airbed, sleeping bag and pillow. This package comes complete with tent, single airbeds, a single sleeping bag and pillow for each person. Just arrive and it’s all ready and waiting for you. The perfect, hassle-free option.


  • 2 Person – £390
  • 3 Person – £470
  • 4 Person – £555



What time can I arrive at the Big Church Festival campsite?

All our timings will be available on our website closer to the event!

Can I reserve a camping pitch for my group?

Firstly, we are so excited to hear that you are coming as a group, we can’t wait for you to join us!

We do not allocate particular camping pitches – it is first come, first served on the day. Our campsite is very large so groups tend to be able to camp together. We advise you to arrive as early as you can to avoid any disappointment.

If your group contains 100+ people, please email [email protected] for more information regarding reserving a pitch for your group.

Can I park next to my tent at the Big Church Festival?

To make everyone on-site as safe as possible, our campsite is vehicle free. This includes the accessible campsite, there is however a car park adjacent to the accessible campsite to make it easier for customers to offload their camping equipment.

When you arrive at the Big Church Festival you will be directed into one of our designated car parks for campers. You’ll need to carry your luggage from there to your camping pitch. 

Before finding a place to pitch you’ll need to visit the camping ticket gate to collect your wristbands, pick up a programme and ask any questions. The campsite team will be on hand to direct you and help you to settle in and our campsite shop will stock essentials that you might have forgotten, such as tent pegs or airbeds. 

Please note that arriving later may mean a slightly longer walk to get to the campsite.

Are under 18’s allowed to camp without a parent/guardian?

Children under the age of 18 can only attend or camp if accompanied by a responsible adult on site who is over the age of 21. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any time whilst onsite.

What is included in my camping ticket?

Firstly, please note that tents are not included in your camping ticket. You will need to bring your own tent and all your equipment with you.

Included in the ticket is use of toilets, hot showers, standpipes for filling up your water containers and multi-tap units for that all-important teeth brushing! There are also many infrastructure costs involved in getting the campsite ready for you all and the price for your camping ticket contributes to this.

All our tickets, whether camping or for the event, are only a contribution towards the real costs of delivering Big Church Festival and do not cover the true cost of putting on the event which runs at a huge loss each year, with much of the costs being met from generous donors who support the vision of Big Church Festival. 

Please note that if you have purchased a Rent-A-Tent or Glamping tent then you do not need a camping ticket in addition to this.

I’ve booked my camping ticket, do I need to reserve a space for my tent?

Camping spots are on a first-come first-served basis, we do not allocate particular pitches. We have plenty of space in the campsite but if you have a specific place in mind or if you’re coming with a larger group, we would advise you to arrive early so you can all camp together. There are no restrictions on tent sizes. 

Do I need camping tickets for my children or my under 5 year old?

Everyone (adults, children, under 5’s, carers) camping in the Big Church Campsite must have their own camping wristband. Camping tickets can be purchased on our website.

I’m coming in a caravan or motorhome, can I camp with my friends who are in tents?

To keep everyone safe, the campsite is a vehicle-free zone.  Caravans and Campervans will be sited in their own field, which is close to the Tearfund Tea Garden. Unfortunately, if you have friends camping in tents, you won’t be able to have your caravan or motorhome next to their tent. However, you’re free to roam the campsite so you can go and visit them!

Can I pitch a tent alongside my caravan?

Yes this is fine as long as everything fits within your space booked.

I have bought a caravan ticket, do I need to buy a camping ticket as well?

Anyone who is camping in a tent or bringing a caravan or motorhome (except for those who have booked a Glamping tent or Rent-A-Tent) will need to purchase a camping ticket. Those who are bringing a caravan or motorhome need to also purchase a caravan ticket.

Can I attach an awning to my caravan or motorhome?

As long as your awning fits within your space booked then this is fine.

I have a trailer tent, where should I camp?

If it’s a small lightweight trailer tent that can be pulled safely by hand, then you can camp on the main campsite. If it needs motorised support, then your trailer tent will need to be parked in the caravan field. You’ll need to purchase a caravan ticket for the trailer tent.

Can I light a fire in the campsite?

We do not permit the lighting of any kind of fire at Big Church Festival. This includes disposable BBQ’s, fireworks, smoke canisters, Chinese lanterns and other similar items. Any person in possession of such items may be refused entry or ejected.

You can bring your own safe camping stoves but fire regulations mean that open fires and low level disposable type BBQ’s are not allowed. Waist-high, contained off-the-ground BBQ’s with wind-protecting side panels are permitted.

How long can I camp for?

You can camp for one night or for all three – Friday, Saturday + Sunday! You only need to purchase one camping ticket per person. Each person camping will need a camping ticket, including under 5s and carers. Those who have purchased Rent-a-Tents and Glamping tents do not need to purchase camping tickets.

Can I camp in my car or van?

We don’t allow people to sleep in the back of their cars or vans unless they are modified and certified camper vans. This is all to do with isolating the battery. A campervan can switch between running the engine and the battery. In a van if the engine is run to use the battery to do something simple like charging a phone, there is no ventilation in the back of a van. This can be fatal in some circumstances. If you are found to be sleeping in your car or van you will be asked to leave the site.

Can I have my caravan or tent delivered to site?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow for anyone to make arrangements for companies to bring hired caravans or tents to the site on their behalf.  However, we do have our own Rent-a-Tent and Glamping service which you may want to check out!

Can I bring a gas canister?

Yes! Please feel free to bring a gas canister. Gas canisters can only be used in the campsite. Gas canisters can only be a maximum of 5 litres . Do not heat food or drink inside your tent with a naked flame. Please use a safe place that is wind protected outside of your tent or ideally on a table or a waist high stove with legs.

This includes Glamping and Rent A Tents. 

Anyone using a gas stove must bring their own fire extinguisher. 

All equipment must be checked and undamaged before use on site. Our camping team will be going round doing spot checks on equipment.

Under no circumstances are gas camping stoves allowed into the main arenas.

Can I have an electrical hook-up?

We currently have electrical hook-ups available for the weekend for CARAVANS/MOTORHOMES/CAMPERVANS ONLY. The cost is £65 per caravan/motorhome/campervan. This gives you power from Friday 26th May at 12 noon – Monday 29th at 12 noon. You will need at least 10m of 16amp cable to reach the nearest power source. A cable like this would be suitable.

Electrical hook-up pitches are limited and will need to purchased through our website in advance when booking your caravan ticket. Please note that you will not be able to add an electrical hook-up to your booking at a later date.

If you have a specific medical need and require an electric hook-up, please email [email protected] with as much information as possible so that we can review your request. Please include relevant documentation such as a doctor’s note. We’ll then let you know whether we’re able to provide this free of charge.

Please note that those requiring electrical hook-ups for medical reasons will need to be coming in a caravan or tent and will need to camp in the Caravan field or accessible campsite as this is the only area where electrical hook-ups will be available.  

Upon arrival, please make one of the campsite team aware by showing your e-ticket that you have been authorised for an electric hook-up for medical reasons so you are then directed to the correct place. 

When requesting power please be aware that the site is powered by generators, it could go off at any point so we can not guarantee it on permanently during the festival. Should a generator power off one of our engineers will be working to get it on again as soon as possible.

The cost for the electrical hook-up does not include a caravan/campervan ticket, you will need to purchase this separately on our website.

Can I bring a generator?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow any generators on-site, including battery operated generators. We have facilities for phone charging, and lots of food vendors for all your food needs!

How do I purchase an electrical hook-up?

To purchase an electrical hook up please visit our tickets page on our website. You will then need to click on the ‘Next’ button on the event ticket page. Once on the camping tickets page you will need to select your caravan size and electrical hook-up and then proceed to the checkout page. Please note that they must be purchased when booking your caravan, you will not be able to add an electrical hook-up to your booking at a later date.

Electrical hook ups are for caravans/campervans and motorhomes only.

Can I buy food on the campsite?

Absolutely! Food will be available to buy on the campsite and our campsite shop, Big Church Little Shop, will be open stocking a range of goodies.

Big Church Little Shop opening times will be available nearer the event.

Can I park my caravan next to my friends caravan?

We are afraid we cannot pre-allocate pitches, if you wish to camp together you will need to arrive at the same time as we will be parking on a first come first served basis. Please also note you will both need to have the same requirements e.g. both have electricity. We can’t mix up electric and non electric but we will try our best to park you both in close proximity when arriving together.

Can my group bring a ‘community’ or ‘kitchen’ tent?

Any group erecting a ‘community’ or ‘kitchen’ tent (ie another structure other than a tent to be slept in) is permitted to do so as long as this tent is no larger than 6m x 6m in size. This structure must:

1. Be fixed securely to the ground using rope and pegs and weights

2. In the event of high winds they must be collapsed

3. You must comply with any requests from the H&S team, including taking down of the structure of requested to do so.

For structures larger than 6m x 6m please contact [email protected] to discuss.

Is there ice block exchange?

More information will be available closer to the event 🙂