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New Ticket Types!

POV: You’ve been coming to Big Church Festival for years, it’s that time of year when Winter is finally over and Summer is starting to simmer. You make your yearly pilgrimage to the rolling hills of West Sussex, it’s where you come together with thousands of people gathering to worship. Every year you leave feeling connected and alive with stories to tell. It’s that colourful weekend that brings a fresh perspective, a sense of belonging, and let’s be honest, just a whole load of fun

 Then along with the rest of the world, you were scattered for a few years, longing to be back in the field of fun, dancing up the wiggly path and singing at the top of your lungs at the mainstage to ‘my lighthouse’. There is just nothing quite like it, are we right?

This year was the long-awaited comeback and you drank in all the goodness that Big Church brings once again in double measures. You really went for it, praising your little heart out, indulging in many cream teas in the Jubilee garden, you took all your friends and family and it was EPIC… 

Then it’s all over for another year (sigh). However, you are already buzzing for 2023, wondering who will be there, and who you could invite. You are getting ready to grab yourself an early bird ticket or beginning to scheme your group plan (definitely getting to a hundred this year). Then there it is, those words we are hearing all the time…the Cost Of Living Crisis, ringing in your ears, threatening to spoil all your fun 2023 plans…

We get it. We really do. Right now is a financially scary time for our nation. We understand that everyone has a unique financial situation and we are determined that no one should miss out.

We also recognise the post-pandemic appetite for gathering as the Church, we have all seen the incredible benefits of standing together shoulder to shoulder and worshipping God.

You might not know, but ever since Big Church began we have had to do some mega fundraising so that we can discount your ticket by at least £20 every year. Because the fact is…we want you there! 

That’s why this year we’re introducing 3 types of tickets. After searching for ways to make it easier we were inspired by a brilliant idea from Greenbelt Festival. We too wanted to create a system that is transparent and hopefully helpful, being as inclusive as possible with our tickets this year.

*If you have already purchased tickets for 2023 they will now automatically be labelled as supported tickets, but if you’d like to become a supporter you can make a donation to Big Church here



Our supported ticket is exactly what it has always been, we just kind of kept it quiet. Every year, the Big Church Festival charity has to fundraise 15% of our costs to help discount every ticket, so that everyone is welcome



Our standard ticket is exactly that, you pay the full price for your own ticket. Which is the price that everyone would need to pay if we were to cover the costs of the festival and break even. 



And our supporter ticket is your chance to generously pay towards someone else’s ticket as well as your own should you be in the position to do so.

New Ticket same festival

We are working extra hard as a team doing the maths and crunching those numbers as low as we can, whilst maintaining the awesomeness and creativity that overflows at Big Church. We would say that’s what makes it what it is, but we know that is not true. It’s always been the people that have made it so special, leaving us in awe every year of how amazing God is. 

Our strapline is ‘celebrating all that is good’ and we firmly believe that coming together is an excellent thing, and should be celebrated by doing just that. 

The vision has not changed and is simple. We still want to create a space for unity, for Christians far and wide to come together to worship God. It takes faith to run Big Church Festival, but it is a journey, and we pray that you will come with us on it. We hope that you will join us again in 2023, for what we certainly know in these uncertain times is that it will be our most special festival yet.