Getting Here


Below is some handy info to help you find us easily and keep the traffic as low as it can go.

  • Get here as early as possible!
  • Have your e-ticket ready for checking before you reach the ticket gate
  • Travel in groups by coach if possible (it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly)
  • Get your friends together and share lifts, fewer cars mean fewer queues.
  • Stay over in the Big Church Campsite or Glamping Village and get even more out of your visit, without having to go in and out of the event you get to be fully immersed!
  • Allow about 30 minutes to exit the site at the end of the day, but be aware that it could take longer

By Bus

We have a Compass shuttle bus running regularly from Shoreham-by-Sea train station to the event across the weekend. Ferrying any train riders or last-leg lift seekers to Big Church! The bus stops at the back of the main arena by the day ticket gate.


Find out info about timetables and prices here!

This year we are asking people to download the What3Words app which will help you find the correct gate and will also come in very useful when you are at the event. From the What3Words app you can use one of the maps apps to navigate to the correct gate from your home!

By Car

Parking is £12.50 per car at the Big Church Festival. 

If you are camping follow the signs to GREEN GATE  – What3Words address is ///tolerates.dreams.salary

If you are coming for the day then head to RED GATE –  What3Words address is ///geek.showed.writings

The Big Church Festival is a big event in a rural location, so getting in and out of the site does mean there may be some queuing. Please bear with our fantastic Traffic Management and Parking teams as they work so hard to get everyone in and out as quickly and safely as possible. 

Once you have parked your car on-site, you can begin to make your way on foot to the campsite or event entrance and get the fun started! 

Please note that there is no access to the event via Mouse Lane in Steyning village. Please follow the road signs.

If you are coming in a caravan or live in vehicle follow the signs to BLUE GATE What3Words address is ///storyline.sliders.spinning


If you are camping at Big Church you need to head for the GREEN GATE – follow the signs with the GREEN circle on. Follow the instructions from our parking team who will help you park safely in the carpark field.

What3Words address is ///tolerates.dreams.salary


If you aren’t camping you need to look out for the RED GATE on the A283 – look out for the red signs!

What3Words address is ///geek.showed.writings


If you are glamping at Big Church you need to head for the GREEN GATE – follow the signs with the GREEN circle on. 

What3Words address is ///tolerates.dreams.salary

Our parking team will guide you to the glamping car park where you can unload your car and make your way to the glamping ticket gat



If you are using the Accessible Campsite at Big Church you need to head for the GREEN GATE – follow the signs with the GREEN circle on. Our parking team will guide you to the Accessible car park where you can unload your car and make your way to the Accessible ticket gate. Please use the GREEN gate if you are staying in a campervan/live-in vehicle in the Accessible campsite.

What3Words address is ///tolerates.dreams.salary


For all our cool van lifers (i.e staying in Caravans/ Live-In Vehicles), you need to head for the BLUE GATE – follow the signs with a BLUE circle on. 

What3Words address is ///storyline.sliders.spinning

Please follow the signs and the instructions from our traffic management team to help keep the traffic flowing.

By Train

No car? No problem! Just a short train journey from Brighton which is excellently connected with London. Getting the train or public transport is a fantastic option for the Big Church festival. If you’re catching the train to the Big Church Festival, the nearest station is Shoreham-by-Sea. It’s easy to get here from London, Gatwick Airport and everywhere! The Trainline can give you all the information on prices and times available.

Don’t let any distance put you off! We want to see you there and there are plenty of transport options available.

We also run a shuttle bus from Shoreham Station (see bus section above)


We give FREE tickets to coach drivers, to say a big ‘thank you coach driver’ and give them the opportunity to get stuck in with the event. If your coach driver would like a free ticket please contact us at [email protected] for more detail


If you are visiting from abroad you will no doubt be travelling through the sky. The closest airport to Wiston House is London Gatwick. The journey by car from London Gatwick to Wiston House is only about 45 minutes, and from London Heathrow, it’s about 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you are not keen on an airport transfer, there are loads of trains running regularly from Gatwick Airport to Shoreham-by-Sea station.

If you are getting an airport transfer please ask them to follow the signs to YELLOW GATE.

We have a special drop off/ pick point at this dedicated gate for taxis so they won’t get stuck with the other event traffic. Please don’t let them drop you off on the A283 this is a fast and dangerous road!

What3Words address is  ///influence.tangling.cheese