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Big Church Festival

Control Team

The Control Team plays a vital role in the running of the event.

They oversee all of the communications around the site, making sure emergencies are dealt with swiftly and supporting other teams on-site. If details are your thing and you can stay calm under pressure, our Control Team needs your help. If you’re organised, positive and excellent at retaining information – get in touch!

Our shift system starts early (pre 7am), finishes late (1am), and requires your total concentration. Most of your time will be spent listening for and responding to radio calls, helping people solve problems and updating our log of what’s gone on.

We ask that you have had previous experience in this role, whether at other large mainstream festivals or your job involves heading up communication or coordination, ideally in an emergency service or first-response situation.

What days do I need to work?

The Control Team is one of the earliest teams to start on-site. You must be available from 6pm Thursday 25th May until 12 noon Monday 29th May. You will need to choose two days to serve, and shifts will usually be around 8 -10 hours long.

When do I need to arrive?

Please be aware that your shift may start much earlier than other shifts, and we may ask you to work a day before the main working day. Once you have signed up, we will confirm the exact times you need to be on-site. In addition, you will need to attend a briefing before you start your shift. Timings of these will be roughly 9.00am or 8.30pm every day. Again, we will let you know when you apply.

How to apply

Click the link below

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